Things I Should Have Known About the 12 Gifts

~The last two socks still hang lonely from the mantle~

What was once dressed with Christmas all seems forgotten. The tree now lays dead near the road. Our home no longer filled with sweet aromas, silly squeals, visitors bringing gifts, laughter with loved ones late into the night, has been replaced with routine schedules, endless training opportunities, scattered schoolbooks, and daunting laundry.
Except for those last two Christmas socks.
Two gifts of Christmas that were never given.
Only weeks ago we celebrated a birth to never forget. Only weeks later have we forgotten?

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Things I Should Have Known – Giving Thanks in a Thankless World


~I’ve tried Voskamp’s 1000 gifts, but tapped out at #443~

I’ve tried opening my eyes with first thanks to God, but sometimes my iPhone wins my attention.

I’ve tried being satisfied with my post baby belly, new wrinkles, hairs of white, and failing wardrobe, but sometimes I still notice.

I’ve tried being truly content in only Jesus, but sometimes still find myself craving more.  Continue reading